RedLink is a small startup designed to help libraries and publishers provide information to their common customers — researchers, teachers, academics, and students.

The recent tenor of events in the US is discordant with intellectual and personal freedoms we as Americans and as participants in the scientific and academic world hold dear. From travel bans to attacks on governmental scientific agencies and the scientists working as civil servants, what is happening in the US political system is neither normal nor acceptable.

Already, scientists, publishers, and scholars have been kept from traveling to conferences, meetings, and jobs within the United States, often with little or no warning. The chilling effect of the travel ban is palpable, as are the negative effects on some of the most important ways American civilization advances.

Even though we’re a small company, RedLink has a diverse workforce around the world and from a variety of backgrounds. We celebrate this, and benefit from this diversity of opinion and perspective. Attacking any group is anathema to the American spirit of inclusion and tolerance.

Science and scientific publishing have inherent political determinants, including the right to free inquiry, the right to free speech and a free press, the right to travel, and the right to assemble. Politics that seek to diminish these while imposing a predetermined world view — whether that view springs from religious doctrine, racial prejudice, political expediency, or some other source — runs directly counter to what science and scientists need to succeed. Academics, librarians, researchers, and publishers should stand shoulder-to-shoulder on these issues, we believe.

We are stating explicitly that we support scientific inquiry, freedom of thought, religion, and expression. They are fundamental to human dignity and human rights. We believe recent actions by the US government run counter to what is necessary for scientific progress and academic freedom, and that these actions and their underlying motivations should be condemned.