The Remarq Lite browser extension is an easy-to-use tool to bring online note-taking collaboration to your classes and projects. Setting up a private group for the class opens up many opportunities, and having your students contribute source material, notes, and comments into the group fosters group learning and collaboration. You can use Remarq Lite to do many things:

  • Source reading and annotation. Encourage your students to read source materials carefully and take advantage of the annotation tools. Give challenge goals for number of annotations, and to find specific passages and add thoughts via Remarq’s note-taking functions.
  • Teach by example. Model effective reading and annotation by sharing your annotations with the group.
  • Foster collaboration. Create an environment where students can be comfortable contributing to the conversation and benefit from diverse points of view.
  • Develop critical reading and thinking skills. Help your students develop the skills to read critically, and to communicate their ideas about what they are reading.
  • Expand their horizons. Share links to additional articles, data sets, images, conference presentations, and more related information. Share key passages to increase interest and engagement, and add your notes to provide useful context.
  • Deepen their involvement. Pose questions to the class, or hold “virtual office hours.”

You will undoubtedly find other uses for the tools in Remarq Lite – and we’d love to hear your ideas at!