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In academic publishing, we have all seen the major transitions that have taken place in the industry over the last couple of years. From the need to become more data-oriented to becoming more adaptable with social  media, scholarly publishing is progressing to more personalized as well as efficient approaches. However, many overlook the fact that such trends also have a vital impact on research as well. With research being an immensely important process for academia, we explore some of the trends we have observed. Increasing Role of Technology As the number of research facilities increase, various technological trends are consistently present as well. Softwares are becoming a crucial aspect of research. On average, majority research facilities have at least three ...

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Tell us about your background.   I had a passion for computers and all technological developments since I was very young. During my studies as a computer scientist, I realized that what really excited me was not the engineering part, but the process of strategizing around a problem, understanding the need and using the foundation I had been building to solve that need. Hence I would say that I am Entrepreneur at heart. I had the opportunity to contribute to a diverse number of projects, ranging from large, very compute intensive, big data, complex applications to front-end, user-focused, mobile and web applications as well as the priviledge to work with very talented people from whom I learnt a lot. What ...

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