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MIT Press, one of the most prestigious and innovative scholarly publishers in the industry, has partnered with  RedLink, a leading provider of business intelligence to academic publishers, for access to detailed reports and personalized data analytics for their journals. RedLink Access has been specifically chosen by MIT Press in order to help their journals stay on top of the competition, gain valuable insight on their sales as well as marketing efforts, and spotting opportunities for growth. The only university press in the U.S. with their journal articles based on science and technology, MIT Press has been publishing for fifty two years. Not only limited to science and technology, the  MIT Press also has a strong publishing presence in the fields ...

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Need a ride? There’s an app for that. Lost a pet? There’s an app for that. Want your business to be eco-friendly? There’s also an app for that! Over the past years, mobile applications have been emerging as pivotal tools for individuals to coordinate their professional as well as personal lives. As we discussed in our previous blog, academic publishing has been following with the latest trends and tools such as social media, online education, and adapting for different platforms. Similarly, we are excited to see an emerging trend of mobile applications being utilized for academic publishing. Initiatives such as HelpMePublish are a step in the right direction! HelpMePublish – Opening Doors and Creating Opportunities It is extremely common for ...

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Challenges in Peer Review image

Ever since our elementary school days, we can all recall our teachers telling us to proofread our work.  Many of our classes would have ‘peer review’ as well, with students proofreading and providing critical feedback on each other’s essays in order to improve the quality of their work.  Similarly, peer review in also done in academia in order to determine suitability for publication. The process involves individuals of equal competence and in the same academic field who evaluate the work of a scholar.  Peer review has consistently been noted as the top concern of scholars and is used to maintain the quality, standard, and performance of the publication.   However, it is also important to note that there are many challenges ...

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