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In academic publishing, we have all seen the major transitions that have taken place in the industry over the last couple of years. From the need to become more data-oriented to becoming more adaptable with social  media, scholarly publishing is progressing to more personalized as well as efficient approaches. However, many overlook the fact that such trends also have a vital impact on research as well. With research being an immensely important process for academia, we explore some of the trends we have observed. Increasing Role of Technology As the number of research facilities increase, various technological trends are consistently present as well. Softwares are becoming a crucial aspect of research. On average, majority research facilities have at least three ...

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The buzz around Open Access – is this just hype or is there a future in it? If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news in academic publishing, then you undoubtedly are aware of open access. One simple Google search on academic publishing can easily guarantee that a strong majority of the results will focus on open access. However, what exactly is open access? Why is it becoming such a vital trend in the academic publishing industry? For those unaware of the practice, it allows unrestricted online access to peer-reviewed academic research and it is mainly done for scholarly journal articles. With the concept of open access gaining popularity, it’s important to understand its impact as well as challenges ...

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