RedLink seeks to accelerate its growth within the North American library market through representation by Publisher Communication Group (PCG)

July 13, 2017, Westborough MA, USA, and Boston MA, USA — RedLink, providers of the Library Dashboard data analysis and visualization tool for libraries and consortia and RedLink Network for maintaining and communicating credentials with publishers, is pleased to announce an exclusive representation agreement with Publisher Communication Group (PCG), an Ingenta company, for the North American region, inclusive of the US and Canada.

Launched late in 2016, Library Dashboard provides a complete, normalized overview of usage and turn-away statistics to help with collection decision-making, and offers easy to use data integration, analysis, and visualization tools.  Library Dashboard gathers data for libraries via existing system access, and allows users to see cost-per-download analyses, usage trends, and denials via bundles, journals, ebooks, databases, publishers, and disciplines, in addition to more granular and customized views. Library Dashboard works for individual libraries and consortia, as well.

Several institutions assisted with beta-testing the Dashboard, including the Library of Congress, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and the University of Patras. Current customers include consortia such as Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization (WALDO), Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), and Zimbabwe University Library Consortium (ZULC), and over 35 academic and corporate libraries in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

“Uptake of Library Dashboard has been rapid because the product and price meet some key needs of librarians, consortia managers, and institutional administrators,” said Kent Anderson, CEO of RedLink. “PCG is a perfect partner to help us reach more of the US and Canada than we can on our own. They know the market, and we’re pleased to be working with them.”

Melissanne Scheld, Managing Director of PCG said, “We are thrilled to be RedLink’s chosen partner for selling the Dashboard. It is the perfect tool to help libraries better understand their usage. Given our extensive experience working with libraries across the US and Canada, we look forward to delivering excellent results for RedLink.”


About RedLink and the RedLink Network

RedLink helps libraries, publishers, and users see what they’ve been missing. RedLink’s products include powerful, intuitive dashboards for libraries and publishers (Library Dashboard and Publisher Dashboard), unique sales prospecting engines for publishers (SiteLeads™), and editorial engagement tools for editors, authors, and readers (Remarq™). RedLink also offers RedLink Network, a free service libraries and publishers can use to collaborate on synchronizing access credentials and service needs.


About Publisher Communication Group

Publishers Communication Group (PCG), an Ingenta company, is an internationally recognized sales and marketing consulting firm providing a range of services designed to support and drive your sales strategy. Established in 1990 and headquartered in Boston (USA) with offices in Oxford (UK), São Paulo (Brazil), New Delhi (India) and Beijing (China), PCG’s global presence continues to grow to better serve the needs of publishers. Founded as an independent entity, PCG was acquired by digital publishing pioneer Ingenta in 2001, which preceded the merger of Ingenta and VISTA International in 2007. The resulting AIM-listed Ingenta is today the largest supplier of software and services to the publishing industry.