RedLink Benchmarks

RedLink Benchmarks enable you to compare your cost/use with  similar journals purchased by each account.

If you are discussing a bundle of Life Sciences titles with a major university, it is valuable to know what they spend per use for titles in your discipline. Are you charging a lot more for your titles or a lot less? Time to find out.

Benchmarks also tell you what customers you may be missing, based on their overall usage and subscription patterns and help you optimized bundles and pricing.

As with all professional benchmarks, we do not disclose data from any individual publisher. We carefully aggregate data from several publishers in order to preserve the confidentiality of each publisher’s data.

The results are powerful: you will finally have as much (and in some cases, more) information about your customers than they do. Benchmarks will be available to licensed users of the Professional edition of the RedLink Dashboard starting in Spring, 2013.

Access Benchmarks

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