The RedLink Team

Kent Anderson

Kent is RedLink’s CEO, and is responsible for overseeing executive operations at RedLink, setting the organization’s strategic goals, and ensuring the team’s overall success.

Dimitris Spanos

Dimitris is RedLink’s CTO. He manages the products and technology of RedLink, and is always looking for new ways to add value to our customers.

Nicola Poser

Nicola is the Managing Director of RedLink, and ensures everything operates smoothly, and that our messages are clear.

Matt Kozlowski

Matt is our Director of Customer Experience, and makes sure it’s nice to work with RedLink.

Isabelle Pelve

Isabelle is our Sales and Marketing Manager. She makes sure we’re visible and well-regarded.

Ryan Badua

Ryan is our Director of Finance, so he keeps track of our money.

Mohammad Abdelhadi

Mohammad is a Software Engineer working to keep us ahead of the technology curve.

Ahmad Abuziad

Ahmad is a Software Engineer working to make our products great.

Huda Altaher

Huda is a Software Engineer responsible for developing algorithms while coding and debugging software solutions at RedLink.

Ioannis Atsonios

Ioannis is a Data Scientist. He works diligently to find useful solutions in complex information.

Eleftherios Benisis

Eleftherios is a full-stack engineer at RedLink. He focuses on making great data-driven solutions.

Manos Giakoumelis

Manos is a Product Manager at RedLink. He designs and builds new products and innovative software solutions customers love.

Alexandros Grigoriadis

Alexandros is a Software Engineer. He works diligently to make end-to-end solutions for RedLink’s customers.

Vicky Karampali

Vicky is our Project Manager, keeping all the operational teams working in concert. She also manages our Athens offices.

Giannis Mermigkis

Giannis designs and builds products at RedLink, and is enthusiastic about innovation, new technologies, and big data.

Ahmad Nabas

Ahmad is a Software Engineer at RedLink, and is building solutions for our customers.

Panos Panopoulos

Panos is devoted to making RedLink’s analytics products the best around.

Evangelos Parchas

Evangelos is devoted to making RedLink products stand out and easy to use.

Maria Poutachidou

Maria is focused on making RedLink’s technology smarter and easier to use.

Suhaib Abu Shawesh

Suhaib is a Software Engineer at RedLink, and is always working to dazzle our customers.

Hamzah Shreim

Hamzah is a Software Engineer at RedLink, and is building great tools for our customers.

Hikmat Shreim

Hikmat is a Software Engineer. He is dedicated to designing, developing, and testing great products at RedLink.

Ilianna Spiliopoulou

Ilianna is a Software Engineer at RedLink who enjoys creating smart solutions that are easy to use.

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