Winner of the 2017 Best New Product/Service Award
from The Charleston Advisor

Library Dashboard

As a librarian, how do you track multiple usage metrics from many publishers in
a single place? How do you manage your e-resources in the most effective manner?
Get a complete, easily understood, and standardized overview of your journal, e-book, and database usage and denial statistics with RedLink’s Library Dashboard

Features & Benefits

Make More Data-driven Decisions

Integrate and organize data from hundreds of sources covering journals, databases, eBooks, and bundles, all in one place so you and your staff can make more informed spending and collection decisions.

“. . . helps us to efficiently allocate resources to meet user needs and demands.” – Scott Anderson, Millersville University

Go Deeper For More Robust Analysis

Drill down into content bundles to see usage distribution and key titles within a bundle.

“The analytics and presentation far exceed what is available in standard Electronic Resource Management Systems (ERMS) and sets a new bar for functionality.” – The Charleston Advisor

Save Time

Let us fetch your data and present it to you in a sensible, simple interface. No more digging through COUNTER reports to tease out anomalies or trends. See them quickly and without the hard work.

“. . . just the right offering for libraries who have felt for some time that the existing offerings in this area don’t quite do it for them.” – Paul Harwood, Oxford Brookes University

Use Facts to Allocate Your Budget

Quickly learn what your patrons and faculty actually use, and spend your limited budget for books and journals based on data.

“. . . an exceptional tool that will help librarians assess and demystify usage trends for their mission-critical, electronic resource subscriptions.” – Colleen Lougen, SUNY at New Paltz (writing in the Charleston Advisor)

Compare Usage Data by Source

Assess usage and cost by source for overlapping subscriptions.

“[Library Dashboard] collects and standardizes COUNTER and non-COUNTER use statistics from publishers and vendors and displays the information in a single interface with robust charts, cost metrics, and discipline-level analytics.” – The Charleston Advisor

Stay Ahead of the Game

Deal proactively with problems, see trends as they unfold, and plan more easily based on intuitive data displays and standardized data.

“. . . the tool is a game changer and will equip users with meaningful data and visuals that can be instantly shared with staff and stakeholders.” – Colleen Lougen, SUNY at New Paltz (writing in the Charleston Advisor)

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