Author support is a new strategic priority for many publishers, as open access (OA) business models move to the center, as competition for papers intensifies, and as author expectations evolve to include community connections via online services.

Remarq® helps editors and publishers support authors in a number of key and unique ways:

  • Remarq connects readers with authors and their works by providing tools for article sharing, article following, article mark-up, and commenting
  • Authors can use Remarq to update their articles:
    • Announce talks related to the article or topic
    • Point to other online sources of interest, such as related data sets and emerging news
    • Amend the article with new, relevant citations to help readers expand their reading
  • Remarq’s integration with ORCID helps authors easily create a presence in Remarq across the entire ecosystem
    • Journals using Remarq can have authors automatically invited to join Remarq upon publication
  • Editors interact with authors providing these updates in Remarq’s sophisticated administrative area, fostering a closer connection with the journal and its editorial processes
  • Authors using Remarq will receive notifications when comments or updates appear on their Remarq-enabled articles

Not only is Remarq a substantial tool to support authors by keeping articles relevant, maintaining the connection with community, and providing authors new levels of prominence and interaction, it is also easy to implement and manage, with most functions done automatically, while others are presented via highly usable interfaces requiring just a few clicks to complete tasks like registration, moderation, or collaboration.

If you want to set your journals program apart by enhancing author support while increasing reader engagement, please let us know by contacting us at