Greet Your Customers on RedLink Network

It’s Easily Done in 1 > 2 > 3 Simple Steps

RedLink Network is a new, free solution to help libraries and publishers deal with the nagging problems around communicating access details — IP address changes, Shibboleth information, link resolver details, and branding modifications.

As publishers join RedLink Network, your customers will begin using it to solve these workflow problems.

By establishing yourself in the Network, you can ensure that these same customers see and connect with you.

It’s easily done:

  1. Register with RedLink Network — registration is free, and takes only a few moments
  2. Claim your organization’s profile, which RedLink’s team will verify
  3. Upload a simple file of customer information — subscriber number, institution name, and administrator name and email

RedLink Network will place invitations to connect in your customers’ profiles, so when they visit RedLink Network, your institutional customers can easily connect with you and begin broadcasting their access details in a secure environment, establish a new, single source of authority across their publishers.

Welcome to the new age of professional collaboration between libraries and publishers. Enjoy the Network effect!

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