The RedLink Team had an amazing time at the SSP 2014 Conference in Boston.  We love meeting new people and finding new ways to help publishers with data.  The SSP 2014 Conference gave us the valuable opportunity to learn more about publishers’ needs, the growing importance for data, and the changing demands for businesses to succeed.

This year, we were represented by our Vice President of Publisher Relations, Deepika Bajaj, and our Chief Technology Officer, Dimitris Spanos. Deepika participated in the innovation track sharing increasing importance of data for businesses to succeed and how it is a pivotal aspect of RedLink’s services.

We had an absolutely fantastic time meeting everyone at SSP 2014.  Being able to exchange valuable information and experiences with accomplished professionals, experts, and leaders was definitely the best outcome for us at SSP.  Now, looking forward to SSP 2015!

If we missed you at SSP 2014, please feel free to reach us at We love hearing from you.

– RedLink Team