We have all heard about the significance of business intelligence and the growth of big data.  Interestingly, the use of business intelligence tools is becoming a trending practice among academic publishers as well.  However, it is important to use such tools with proper metrics in order to measure a plethora of factors including growth,interest, performance, and potential. At RedLink, we strongly believe in utilizing the most effective and comprehensive metrics to provide the best analysis for your journal.


Denials are an excellent indicator for your  journal’s potential by indicating an unmet demand. It is immensely common to convert denials into potential subscription sales. As a result, it’s an excellent metric for scholarly publishers! High denials present an opportunity to improve marketing activities. Low denials is a sign that the marketing and sales activities are working – to continue doing what you are doing!


Usage is a pivotal metric for academic publishers as well. High usage is an excellent indicator of high renewal as, while low usage could be an indicator of cancellation.  Observing usage is a complete must to note the success of the journal.


While denials aim at potential interest in the journal, abstracts are even a better indicator of interest in the journal.  Having interested customers in the summary of a journal is an extremely strong indicator of potential sales. An interesting observation will be to keep an eye on what percentage of abstracts convert into full text

Full Text

Full text is a brilliant metric for academic publishers.  For those who aren’t familiar with the term, it’s a download of an entire text.  It’s a metric not to be missed and is a direct indicator of the journal’s usage.


Increase in sessions indicate that the user is engaged, decrease means that more work has to be done.

Usage Year by Year

The rise and decline of usage on an annual basis is a significant indicator of a journal’s reputation as well as relevance.  Rise and decline of usage over the years is an essential factor in determining a journal’s performance.

Our team at RedLink strongly believes in utilizing the most effective metrics to analyze and evaluate academic journals.  We are strong supporters of turning data into insight, which would never be possible without the right metrics.

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