Remarq Lite offers students tools to boost their participation and collaboration, and enrich their online reading experience.

You can use the Remarq Lite browser extension on any site you read, whether for projects, hobbies, or schoolwork. If your instructor or professor has suggested you to use this tool, here are a few ways you can use it:

1. Mark key passages to revisit later. You can easily identify key points and terms, such as the thesis statement or main argument, and mark these quickly so you can revisit them later.

2. Use notes to record questions about something, or to add your interpretation. Notes are a great way to contribute something to the discussion of the material.

3. Collaborate in a group. If your teacher has set up a Group Conversation for the class, you may be able to see the passages he or she has chosen to annotate, and you can also respond to the annotations of your classmates. If you want to invite other students to collaborate, you can set up a Group Conversation yourself.

4. Introduce new information. If you find additional reading you think is relevant, you can share the link or selected passages with your teacher and class via the Group Conversations. You can also share related images.

5. Get questions answered. Ask your instructor or fellow students questions, and get answers with real-time alerting via the browser plugin.

Your teacher may have specific ideas about how to use this tool for your coursework, as well. You will find that it’s easy to collaborate and participate in discussions with Remarq.  Download the free browser extension today!