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Remarq™ is a powerful new engagement tool publishers can easily and affordably adopt to help them bring article-sharing, annotation, user profiles, author and editor updates, commenting, and more to their sites. Unlike some other approaches to engaging readers, Remarq™ has a long and proven pedigree, stretching back more than a decade at one of the world’s top journals. Many of the ideas for Remarq™ were inspired by a feature launched in 2007 at the New England Journal of Medicine. This feature, called “Clinical Decisions,” focuses on a common and controversial medical diagnosis or condition, asks a number of experts to defend certain therapeutic or diagnostic approaches, engages readers with polls and commenting, and then follows up with results and a ...

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Peak Subscription? SiteLeads™ Says Otherwise image

RedLink’s SiteLeads™ has been on the market less than six months now, and already publishers using it are adjusting their strategies, finding new tiers and sources of subscription sales opportunities, and realizing that the rumors of “peak subscription” may have stemmed from an inability to overcome a market blindspot. Testimonials have already come in attesting to the product’s power and value. In just six months, SiteLeads™ has identified more than $14.5 million in potential new revenues for its clients. SiteLeads™ turns anonymous traffic and denials from non-customers into visualized opportunities — via our Opportunity Map, list of leads, projected usage bounded by current customers, and revenue projections. Easily implemented and affordable, SiteLeads™ works for publishers small and large as the ...

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2017 RedLink Index Now Available image

The 2017 RedLink Index, covering the 2016 subscription year, is now available. This is a free report. The 2017 RedLink Index provides benchmarks and comparisons of usage patterns, aggregating information about more than 1,500 journals from a variety of international publishers covering all areas of science and scholarship. The 2017 RedLink Index also covers basic usage observations among more than 7,000 subscribing institutions. Information included in the Index: Percentage of institutions with increasing, decreasing, or steady usage. Percentage of usage coming from consortia. Percentages of usage coming from current vs. archival content of various eras. Percentage of denials (turn-aways) to current content vs. archival content. Usage by world region (North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Oceania). RedLink is providing the 2017 RedLink Index free to interested ...

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The “Build or Buy” Decision image

Every publisher faces a “build or buy” decision when assessing their technology options. As more IT personnel are hired and integrated into organizations, the decision becomes more complex, and teasing apart direct costs, capabilities, opportunity costs, and maintenance costs is difficult. Add to this the roles and time needed to build solutions, and a lot of care needs to be taken in making technology commitments. To help prospective customers with this decision as they consider RedLink’s Publisher Dashboard and its related suite (RedLink Network and SiteLeads™), we asked DeltaThink to bring their extensive experience with technology deployments for STM publishers to assemble an overview of the general requirements, level of effort, business stakeholder time allocations, and cost ranges. In addition, ...

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Data as a Sales Enabler standard

Find out how Redlink provided a personalized data analytics solution for Annual Reviews and helped its sales team to focus on revenue generating accounts. Does your sales team have access to advanced data solutions to make the best sales decisions? Can they easily overview region based revenue generating accounts? Are they reaching the right audience? In this case study, find out how Annual Reviews was able to share region specific accounts’ information with the sales agencies, and with the external and internal sales team. Discover better ways to make powerful sales plan and track sales efficiency. Learn and experience the power of business intelligence with Redlink. Annual Reviews, a publisher of 46 journals with extensive publication disciplines from biomedical sciences ...

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The Data Defense standard

Learn how RedLink helped Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) quickly respond to a customer’s inquiry. Having problems with the circulation of your publication? Can’t leverage a competitive marketing edge due to hiccups in your distribution framework? The case study of Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) will tell you how real world challenges can be tackled with awesome intelligence tools! CSP is the publisher of NRC Research Press journals and various workflow components of their 13 client journals. However, when CSP was informed by a big pharmaceutical client about a decline in the usage for two of its three titles – which the client attributed to a diminution in its own research staff, CSP felt something was wrong. This decline caused the client to ...

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