Benefits of Using RedLink Dashboards

See what you're missing in your usage data

Usage data is constantly being generated by your site, but what signals does it hold? RedLink's products help libraries and publishers quickly separate the important signals from the distracting noise in their usage data, all using interfaces that are easy to learn and use, data visualizations that are sensible and exportable, and ways to view performance that are familiar and practical.

Our Library Dashboard allows librarians and their staff to see trends in usage for journals, databases, and ebooks, both at the individual item level and across bundles and publishers. From cost-per-download to discipline-specific trends, Library Dashboard delivers the most useful view of usage around. Consortial relationships are supported, as well.

Our Publisher Dashboard allows publishers and their sales teams and agents to view usage trends in meaningful ways, from declining usage to increasing denials to cost-per-download data. Team management functions allow managers and executives to share data easily, and our 24/7 availability means sales teams never need to go without data.

SiteLeads™ allows publishers to see demand in their usage from institutions not currently subscribing, and puts this demand in context for their business.

RedLink Network is a free, public benefit, community-driven IP and credentials management and broadcast service which allows libraries to update their credentials and branding in one place, share that with trusted providers with one click, and monitor uptake seamlessly. RedLink Network helps publishers improve their customer service by putting credential management into a more actionable tool.

See ebook, database, and journal usage data in one spot

RedLink's Library and Publisher Dashboards combine ebook, database, and journal usage data in a single interface, allowing you to measure and monitor content across your content sources in a single, intuitive interface.

Make decisions faster and with more confidence

Our Dashboards let librarians and publishers make decisions faster and with more confidence through layered data presentations that are clear, render quickly, and deliver answers. SiteLeads™ moves publisher sales calls from old-school instinct to modern data-driven calls. RedLink Network allows libraries to update their credentials with one click, and for publishers to receive updates more reliably.

Easily share usage with management teams, editorial boards, faculty, administrators, governance, and others

Our Library and Publisher Dashboards allow you to share visualizations and data subsets with administrators, management, editorial boards, faculty decision-makers, governance bodies, and others with an interest in spending efficiency, collection management, sales outlooks, distribution growth, and customer satisfaction.

See and deal with potential access issues quickly

Librarians and publishers both want researchers, faculty, and students to have access to all the content they need. Technical problems, growing demand, and changing research patterns all become obvious using RedLink's Dashboards, so that librarians and publishers can quickly solve technical problems, respond to changes in demand, and anticipate changes in research patterns.

Gain "usage data independence" -- change platforms, use multiple platforms, maintain data continuity

By using RedLink Publisher or Library Dashboards, platform changes don't disrupt your usage data as long as the new platform adheres to the COUNTER standards. As a publisher, you can be hosted on multiple platforms and see your usage data normalized in a single, fast, and clear dashboard. As a librarian, you can see usage data from multiple publishers normalized in one dashboard.

Save money and get up and running quickly

Many analytics solutions for the academic and scholarly marketplace represent large analytics platforms dipping their toes in our market. RedLink is purpose-built for academic and scholarly libraries and publishers, and doesn't have any extraneous overhead you have to pay for, and is designed to be used immediately, without a complicated learning curve or need for technical experience.

Easily get advanced features by adding relevant data

Advanced features -- cost-per-use data, usage projections, and others -- are included, and unlock as soon as we have the appropriate data.

Keep expirations front and center

Upcoming expirations are presented "front and center" so that access isn't dropped unintentionally because you lose track or a reminder slips through the cracks.

Keep your teams aligned around key accounts, core books and journals

Pin key displays to the main Dashboard, and drag-and-drop displays to share with your team so they can monitor vital information about key information sources and top accounts.

For publishers, sales agents can see reports for their territories and publications

If you're a publisher with sales agents in different countries and territories, perhaps even assigned to different titles, you can assign specific views for them, so they have easy access to usage and denials trends. This expands your capabilities, ensures your team is working from the same data, and reduces delays in information sharing.

Save time and avoid unnecessary work

Tired of calculating COUNTER data, re-entering data, cutting and pasting cells, updating charts? RedLink ingests your COUNTER data and does it all for you, while making useful, industry-specific views that will make immediate sense to you.

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