In our previous blog, we brought up emerging trends in academic publishing. Here are some other trends to expect in 2015!

Rise of Data Analytics

Data analytics is becoming a greater necessity in nearly every industry.  In order for publishers to spot opportunities and grow further, data analytics is becoming a common source to accomplish such goals. The fact that publishers are buying analytics startups further reflects its increasing importance. In 2015, expect even more publishers to utilize data.

Global Digital Library Emerging

We have all heard of academic publishing going digital. Top players in scholarly publishing are making transitions to accommodate the rising preference for digital journals.  As journals become more expensive and librarians deal with budget cuts, the demand for public access to knowledge is on the rise.  A global digital library in the works would be an online resource with access to a comprehensive as well as massive collection of journals and periodicals. With the collaboration of various publishers in the industry coming into works, one can expect a global digital library in 2015!